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What could brands be doing to protect their ad budget during the COVID-19 crisis?

Many smart businesses are quickly aligning their ad budgets with shifts in shopper intent amid the COVID-19 crisis....

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Opticks + AdKernel integration

Are you using AdKernel and can't work with top-tier partners due to quality issues? Or maybe you are selling traffic...

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[Case Study] How Mobibase used Opticks to get rid of customer complaints and grew its VAS business successfully

When Mobibase started out in the VAS industry, they relied mostly on mobile operators to advertise their services...

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Top 25 Harmful Apps We're Blocking in August

Harmful apps are mobile applications designed to generate fraudulent revenues for their developers. They accomplish...

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The Reality of Buying Traffic: How to Spend a Digital Budget on Real Users Without Losing it to Fraudsters

Did you know that the mobile ad spending accounts for 26% of the total cost of digital advertising? In 2019, global...

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[Case Study] How Conversion Minds Used Opticks to Increase ROI by 8%

Ad fraud affects almost every level of the advertising ecosystem, especially advertisers. Conversion Minds have...

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