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How affiliate marketers can improve their cost per acquisition

Thanks to technology, businesses now have a wide array of data at their disposal. With that data, affiliate...

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The top 5 affiliate fraud indicators

2020 is certainly a year full of uncertainty, however, affiliate marketing is definitely on the rise. Digital...

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What could brands be doing to protect their ad budget during the COVID-19 crisis?

Many smart businesses are quickly aligning their ad budgets with shifts in shopper intent amid the COVID-19 crisis....

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Top 25 Harmful Apps We're Blocking in August

Harmful apps are mobile applications designed to generate fraudulent revenues for their developers. They accomplish...

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The Reality of Buying Traffic: How to Spend a Digital Budget on Real Users Without Losing it to Fraudsters

Did you know that the mobile ad spending accounts for 26% of the total cost of digital advertising? In 2019, global...

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