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How One of Spain’s Fastest-Growing E-Commerce Firms Eliminated Attribution Fraud

Attribution fraud doesn’t just decimate campaign budgets – it also has a devastating effect on your campaign data. When this data becomes corrupted by invalid clicks and the success of certain channels becomes inaccurately inflated, businesses will continue to waste their ad spend on the wrong advertising activities, channels, and affiliate partners. 

Platanomelón, a burgeoning e-commerce company based in Spain, was suffering from high levels of attribution fraud and wasted ad spend. But, with the help of Opticks’ anti-fraud software, they were able to eliminate it and boost their return on ad spend in the process.

Want to know how Platanomelón was able to use Opticks to eliminate attribution fraud and build healthier, more scalable advertising partnerships? Get your copy and find out how we played a key role in empowering them to stamp out attribution fraud and maximize their ad spend.