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[Paper] 3 Ways Fraudsters Harm Your Marketing Campaigns

If you are a digital marketer or use ads to promote your content around the web, and think your campaigns are not affected by fraudsters, think again.

It is estimated that in 2018, companies around the world suffered a collective loss of $19 billion USD due to ad fraud. What's even more shocking is that, even after this considerable loss, there's a lack of awareness about the different types of ad fraud and their impact on the mobile advertising industry. 

Mobile ad fraud tends to be a tricky business and hurts the entire online advertising ecosystem. It is difficult to identify; and even after it has happened, it’s difficult to prove that any type of fraud occurred in the first place. This practice has become a rising concern. Think about it, as mobile ad spending grows, fraudsters are looking for new ways to get a share of their own. The fraudsters' strategies have evolved quickly over the years and fighting them has become an ongoing (dare we say never-ending?) battle, this is where third-party tools, such as Opticks, come 

The team at Opticks has developed a deep knowledge of mobile ad fraud and has become an expert in identifying fraudulent behavior that could affect marketers’ campaigns before it happens. There are different types of fraud that affect mobile advertising; each one varies in techniques and cleverness but in the end, have the same effects for marketers, an increase in budgets and a collection of misleading data for future reference and decision-making processes.

Download this free paper where we gather the most common methods fraudsters use to trick advertisers and how to prevent them. 

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