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[Guide for Marketers] Ad Fraud in Lead Generation

This guide will help both marketers and advertisers navigate the complex and ever more sophisticated world of...

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How affiliate marketers can improve their cost per acquisition

Thanks to technology, businesses now have a wide array of data at their disposal. With that data, affiliate...

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The top 5 affiliate fraud indicators

2020 is certainly a year full of uncertainty, however, affiliate marketing is definitely on the rise. Digital...

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Fraudulent Apps Removed by Google Were Already Being Blocked by Opticks

Another case of fraudulent apps has recently been uncovered. Google has removed over 30 popular apps from the Play...

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Financial and Insurance Brands - 4 Ways to Boost Acquisition with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is your ideal ally to reach your target audience, whether you work for a traditional bank, a...

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The Fundamental Tech Stack for Affiliate Marketing

According to Rakuten Marketing, 81% of advertisers worldwide use affiliate marketing and the expected affiliate...

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How Ad Fraud Hurts Your Marketing and Product Strategy

Let’s say the success of your business depends on growing a thriving user base. In order to grow such a user base,...

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The 5 Types of Ad Fraud and Why They Should Matter to You

As the fraud lexicon keeps on getting more complex every day, we decided to go back to the basics in this article...

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The Ultimate Mobile Ad Fraud Glossary

According to Juniper Research, online ad spend lost to ad fraud will amount to $100 billion world wide by 2023.

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How to Run Successful Ad Campaigns - by Detecting Bad Bot Traffic

Malicious bots are a major problem in today’s digital advertising industry. According to this years’ Distil Research...

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What could brands be doing to protect their ad budget during the COVID-19 crisis?

Many smart businesses are quickly aligning their ad budgets with shifts in shopper intent amid the COVID-19 crisis....

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